Friday, January 12, 2007

Nose = Nariz

I can remember while learning languages that the things you learned didn’t seem to be remotely useful. At least, right then they didn’t. So, that’s why I’m thinking along the lines of a personalized learning experience and learning the things that really concern me now. Like, right now my nose is cold. Conversationally, it’s not riveting, but if anybody asked me how I was right now I’d say my nose was cold. The furnace is still not working, though the repairman is on the way. So, for now, I’ll talk about my nose.

Nose = Nariz

My nose is cold. = Mi nariz es fría.

My nose is red. = Mi nariz es roja.

My nose is so cold my nostril hairs are bristling. = Mi nariz es así que frío que mis pelos de la ventana de la nariz se están erizando.

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