Thursday, November 15, 2007

Hair = Pelo

The word for today is hair. Sometimes I cut my hair myself. Lots of times I have to go to a beauty parlor the next day to fix it. = La palabra para es hoy pelo. A veces yo corté el pelo yo mismo. Muchos tiempos yo tengo que ir a un salón de belleza para fijarlo al día siguiente.


HomeandHearth said...

Great idea for a blog! One thing I noticed right away "the word for today is hair" would be "La palabra para hoy es pelo" rather than "es hoy." (you could also say, Hoy, la palabra es ________)

Lanny said...

I speak Spanish a little but found your blog helpful. Word for the day is great, pelo. Thank you and god bless. Lanny

yhc said...

You're doing a good thing here. My Spanish is pretty awful. You've got yourself a new reader!