Monday, May 12, 2008

Work - Trabajo

I’m late for work. I need to hurry up. - Soy tarde para trabajo. Necesito para apresurarse.


pc93 said...

Soy atrasado ir a trabajar. Tengo que apurar.

Alegra :) said...

Hi !I'm from Argentina. I hope you don't mind my correction.

You said: "Soy tarde para trabajo. Necesito para apresurarse"
Instead of "soy" you need to say "ESTOY".
I think your mistake is trying to translate word by word.
I am late for work: "Estoy llegando tarde al trabajo"

The second sentense is much better.
You just don't need to say "para".
"Necesito apresurarme".

You're doing great!
Good luck